I’ll pay your Surrey price if you accept my terms!

Oh yes, this approach is well known to savvy real estate agents and insider investors. It means they’re saying there’s more ways to get the job done. Say your selling your rental property to an investor. His agent says that he’ll pay your asking price of 300,000 if you accept the terms. One of the terms being that completion dates are set for 8 months later. This enables him to purchase something today with today’s prices and buy 8 months from now when real estate goes up in value. He will gain equity right from the get go and will have a very easy time getting a prime interest rate. What is the benefit to the seller The seller sees no benefit from it. In fact it is a liability because there is no mortgage geared towards the new buyer, and all insurance is applicable to yourself. Unless the buyer is offering a monthly installment of cash to keep the deal alive, there is simply no benefit to the seller.

Many sellers avoid being around the property when it is being sold to buyers. Often times when the buyer and seller do end up together during a property showing, sparks can fly and people will get aggressive. People could loose control when there is simple bartering between them. Before you know it the buyer is crossing his arm’s, a nasty face is made and words pass between them. Sometimes the seller is insulted. Sometimes the buyer will start talking harshly in a different language. This can often times make the seller fell uncomfortable. Agents learn how to deal with buyers nasty comments and nasty looks. A good agent will ask the buyer, what color would you install if this was your home And so on.

Nitpickers that pick apart the property with every little flaw are often interested buyers attempting to appear disinterested. Watch for one or two of these signals and remember that it is often a sign of interest. Same with when the buyer is asking structural questions. There’s no reason to get into these technical questions if the buyer is not interested in the unit. Also when buyers are asking for hidden gems like, is there hardwood floors under this carpet They’re really asking for a little spice extra to push them into buying the home.

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